After Care

How do I look after my Eyelash Extensions at home?

  • Do not get your eyelash extensions wet for 12 – 24hrs after your procedure.

(This also includes and not limited to  swimming, steam rooms, spa / sauna,  bikram yoga and gym)

Whilst your eyelash extensions are dry when you leave, the bond is still curing so this time will allow them to settle and allow you to maintain optimum longevity and retention.

  • It is very important to keep your lashes clean from bacteria, dust , protein, oils, makeup etc.  After the initial 24hr period, we highly advise to cleanse your lashes min 2-3 times per week. (in shower using a soft makeup brush or foam) We recommend using Lash Collection, Eyelash and Brow Cleanser. (available in studio / online)
  • Avoid using any Oil based products around your eyes, including makeup remover, cleanser and moisturiser.
  • Never use waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara contains oils that can loosen or dissolve the bonding agent. Oil based makeup remover is also required to remove waterproof mascara therefore again dissolving the bond.
  • You may wear mascara that is specifically designed for Classic Eyelash Extensions only.  (available in studio / online)
  • Regular refill appointments are required if you would like to maintain a consistent look. We recommend visiting every 2-4 weeks, so your lashes are always looking fantastic.
  • Always use lint free makeup remover pads and try to avoid drying your eyes with a towel as your eyelash extensions may get caught on different materials.
  • Avoid brushing your eyelashes when wet, you may use your hairdryer on low and cold in an upwards motion to dry your lashes.
  • Always gently brush your lashes from the top as shown in your appointment to avoid removing any extensions. Lash Cartel will provide you with a lash brush to take home on every visit.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eyelash extensions. Like anything that is glued or bonded, the more you play with them, the looser the bond will become.  Your fingers also contain oils that can affect the retention
  • Never try to remove your eyelash extensions at home. This can damage your natural eyelashes. We provide a removal service at Lash Cartel Melbourne which is quick and non evasive.
  • Do not use heat, eyelash curlers or lash lift / perming procedures on eyelash extensions.

Once you have made the investment with Lash Cartel Melbourne, it is important that you look after your eyelash extensions at home to continue to enjoy the maximum benefits eyelash extensions can provide.

What our Clients are Saying

"Lash Cartel was my saviour last year after a terrible lash experience at one of the salons in South Yarra. Not only did Simone and her team repaired my damaged lashes, they also suggested the most perfect set of lashes for me. . The girls always listen to the clients and make sure you look and feel beautiful.  I have been a client of Lash Cartel for a year now and have not disappointed me once. If you want great service and high quality lash extensions, Lash Cartel is the best place for that!"
- Alina Y
"I have been seeing Simone at Lash Cartel for many years.  The fact that I am regularly asked if my lashes are my own rather than where I have them done is a testament to the impeccable and consist level of work that Simone produces. People just cannot tell if they are extensions or not!"
- Leah B
"Simone & her team are absolutely incredible at what they do!  They create such an authentic and natural set and work to your face and eye shape. I've been to a lot of different Lash Studios but I've never been as happy as I have with Lash Cartel. Best in Melbourne, hands down!"
- Phoebe K
"Thank you for my beautiful lashes!  They've improved my look completely and have cut the amount of time I spend applying my makeup.  I love them - thank you !  On my way home from your parlour, I had 2 guys stop me on the street to tell me I'm beautiful...LOL!!  I definitely think its the lashes!!!"
- Lorena G
"Thank you so much for my gorgeous, fluffy, amazing lashes!  I am so happy to be back and I've had compliments at gym, work, acting, everywhere I go people notice.  Someone even said I look like a cat,  haha the style we went for!  Lash Cartel is the best and you are so talented xx"
- Britt H
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